Educational clinics


Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced sailor looking to refine your skills, our clinic offers something for everyone. Led by seasoned instructors with a passion for the sea, you’ll learn the ropes (literally!) of sailing in a fun and supportive environment.
What to expect:

  • Hands-on instruction covering the basics of sailing, including rigging, tacking, and knot tying
  • Individualized coaching tailored to your skill level and goals
  • Plenty of time on the water to put your newfound
  • A Welcoming community of fellow sailors eager to share their love of the sport

With our 501(c)3 non-profit status, we are able to dedicate the club to Sailing Education at all levels from children to adults..

We currently use Four Sunfish sailboats for training.  Afterwards, we typically take students out on of our larger keel boats (31-36ft) for a different experience.

We are looking to expand our fleet this year to include more small dinghies and a couple of 22-25ft keel boats for additional education.

Reach out to our club for more information here and keep checking our Calendar for upcoming Clinics!